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SmartFone Milingavie.
16 Station Road, Milngavie, Glasgow, G62 8AB
Monday - Friday: 9.30am till 5.30pm (Closed between 12.00pm and 2.00pm Friday).
Saturday: 10.00am till 5.00PM

Smartfone Repairs
iPod Repairs / iPad Repairs
Laptop / PC Repairs
Tablet Repairs
Data Recovery
Water Damage
Nintendo DS Repairs
Other Repairs

  • Smart Phone Repairs (Click to expand)
    • We cover all aspects of smartphone repairs, our senior technician has over 10 years experience working with phones, ipods, ipads, tablets and laptops.

      Below is a list of most common faults which we encounter on a regular basis:

      -Screen Repairs (All Makes & Models Stocked such as iPhone, Samsung, Htc, Nokia, Sony, LG etc)
      -Mic Repairs
      -Earpiece Repairs
      -Battery Replacement
      -iphone Back Repairs
      -Volume Repairs
      -Speaker Repairs
      -Headphone Jack Repairs
      -Power Button Repairs
      -Sim Reader Repairs
      -Charging Port Repairs
      -Home Button/Tracker pad Repairs
      -Full Housing Replacements
      -Software Repairs

      Please note their may be other faults which you are having with your Smartphone we have only listed the most common as a guide, simply contact us to discuss any other issues or faults which you are experiencing.

  • iPod Repairs / iPad Repairs (Click to expand)
    • Over the years as ipods and ipads have came into the market so has the need for a reliable repair service, the volume of ipod and ipad repairs which we recieve has continued to grow, the main reason for this is our fast turnaround and highly skilled technicians who have experience and skills to tackle such complex repairs.

      Below is list of most common ipod/ipad repairs which we recieve on daily basis:

      -Lense or Lcd Repairs
      -Volume Repairs
      -Headphone Jack Repairs
      -Software Repairs
      -Back Casing Replacement

      If you are experiencing other faults or issues with your ipod or ipad simply contact us to discuss further our staff are here to help.

  • Laptop / PC Repairs (Click to expand)
    • We repair laptops/pc's on a regular basis, most of our laptop/pc repairs are carried out within days, the most common issues we encounter are:

      -Software Problems
      -Hard drive Failure
      -Memory Upgrades
      -Charging Faults

      All other faults can be fixed also simple contact us and discuss your needs with one of our technicians.

  • Unlocking (Click to expand)
    • Phone unlocking can be a complex and frustrating issue many a time we see customers who have purchased a phone and cannot use it because it is locked to a specific network.

      To deal with this we have the relevant software and experience to help unlock your phone, please note iPhone unlocking can be costly and time consuming in some cases it may take weeks to have a phone unlocked most other phones arent as complicated and can be done same day.

  • Tablet Repairs (Click to expand)
    • A number of tablets are on the market now since Apple launched the iPad, we see Samsung, Blackberry, and Sony to name but a few emerge with their own unique tablets and each comes with its common faults and issues.

      We can source most the parts for all major brands of tablets and have them repaired simply call or email for a quote.

  • Data Recovery (Click to expand)
    • Data is important to all of us in some way or another, whether its business data which is vital to run your business processess or family pictures which have centimental value, we see how stressful it can be for many people who have lost data or harddrive has just failed to boot.

      We have the tools to try and recover data and restore deleted files, pictures etc, however this a timely and costly process and isnt always guaranteed.

  • Water Damage (Click to expand)
    • What to do if your mobile phone becomes water/liquid damaged?

      Firstly ensure the phone is switched off, next dry off and remove any visible liquid with a absorbant cloth.

      Avoid Placing your phone in a bowl of rice as this can cause further damage if rice gets stuck into the headphone or charging sockets.

      Bring your phone to a reputable repair centre like smartfone as quick as possible, leaving your phone untreated for too long may cause corrosion to appear on components and reduce chances of it being recovered. Once your phone is in safe hands it will be stripped down and given a further inspection to the components inside and treated. Depending on the amount of damage sometimes removing the corrosion and/or replacing a few parts may revive your phone or in some severe cases it may be beyond repair, smartfone recommend any phone which has survived liquid damage should be treated as a temporary fix, as we have seen from experience their maybe some components inside the phone which may fail weeks or months down the line due to being damaged.

  • Nintendo DS Repairs (Click to expand)
    • Ds's have become a very popular childrens handheld games console, we face a number of repair issues for Ds consoles due to their complex design and engineering they are not an easy fix but our technicians have a number of years experience and can handle these tough repairs.

      Below is list of common issues and repairs which we carry out on Ds's:

      -Screen Replacement
      -Power Button Replacement
      -Volume Button Replacement
      -Battery Replacement

    • Other Repairs (Click to expand)
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